Gardening Tips


Quick Tips for the Perfect Lawn


April/May is the time to get your lawn in to prime condition for the year. Feeding, Weed and Moss Control and the essential elements in yearly lawn care. Be sure to use a correct slow release Lawn Fertiliser and not conventional agricultural fertiliser (unless you want to cut silage!)


Weed & moss control is usually by selective Herbicide Sprays unless it is a small area in which case it can be hand weeded. Scarification should be performed a couple of weeks later to remove the dead moss and thatch.


If persistent Moss and poor grass growth is an issue there is more than likely underlying problems. Moss thrives in damp conditions, water logging due to poor or compacted ground could be an issue. In this case in may be necessary to aerate the lawn by machine and sand.


Heavy thatch will inhibit good air movement and cause damp conditions also. Regular scarification will remove this and regular lawn mowing and removal of clippings will prevent it recurring.


Sometimes it may be better to just reseed a new lawn!





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